meet charter school students

“What our school does is to help students know English and Spanish so they can understand both languages. As students in DIA, we learn each day something new and we reach our goals and try to help each other. If you came to our school how respectful the lower grades are. The upper grades are amazing when they do something to represent their school. They will say our school is the best and it has helped a lot of kids that need help with their English and Spanish. Most of the students from DIA don’t have a lot of fancy stuff but what I can tell you is the students get more education. When you need help the teachers are there and the education is there for you.

We have teachers that are the best teachers. They all want their students to do great and have future teachers. Students always tell teachers, “why do we come to school for?” The teachers will always tell you come here for a good education. You guys won’t have a good job or be what you want if you don’t come prepared like me. Teachers want to see the change in me and see how far I can go with my education. Teachers always come prepared to teach and they always have energy to come and get us ready to learn.”

(Casandra Ramirez, Dual Immersion Academy)


Stephen is a 5th grade student at UTVA this year.  He is a delight to have in class and really excels in this virtual school environment.  He has been a participant in the ALP writing and math classes this year and done some amazing projects. Stephen is always prepared to participate and adds valuable insight to our live math and science classes.  Here is what he had to say about UTVA:

“Hi !  My name is Stephen and I have been a part of UTVA for almost 3 years now. I like most of my classes, the lessons are easy to understand and some include fun activities. I enjoy all my great UTVA teachers and this year I have really liked being in the ALP Monster Math & ALP Writing Classes.  My favorite part of the week is going to the class connects and getting a chance to participate on the white board or working with other students in a break out room.  The best part of being a UTVA student is the fact that I get to work at my own pace.  On some days I can do extra work in the classes that are my favorites, and take my time in the subjects I don’t care for.  Another thing that’s nice is the fact that I don’t have to deal with any distractions while I’m working, like noisy students who don’t want to pay attention.  I get more done that way.  If I focus on my lessons then more of my time can be spent on doing the extra things I like, like creating and building things, instead of doing homework.  When I was in public school I would come home from school and still have to do homework at night.  If I already know something that’s being taught I can take a test to show that I know it and then I can go on to the next lesson. Lastly I like the fact that I get to choose what I do first, I think that helps me have a better day.  Well, those are some of the reasons I like being a UTVA student.”

(Utah Virtual Academy)


“Utah Virtual Academy has provided me with an educational experience that will influence my learning habits for years to come. UTVA uses k12™ curriculum that encourages students to be self motivated in their schooling, a habit very important in college education. Utah Virtual gives students a very flexible schedule, and because of this flexibility I have been able to explore college classes. The curriculum used at UTVA not only provides great learning habits, but it compares to college level learning and prepares the student for what is to come after High School.  The flexibility also allows me to pursue my passion of dance, not something I would be able to do if constricted to traditional school hours. This charter school gives students endless possibilities in choosing their own education, and I take pride in knowing I am part of such an incredible program.

UTVA also provides an excellent faculty of teachers willing and ready to help students in their many academic problems. These teachers also facilitate office hours where students can log into an online classroom at select times during the week and meet with fellow students to discuss the weekly lesson, or ask any additional questions.  I used to ignore the fact I could contact my teachers and assumed I could do all my work without any additional review. But when I started diving into harder A.P classes it became very clear that extra review was needed. Just going to the online classes helped my quiz scores, and a phone call to my teacher made it clear what I needed to do to ensure my understanding of the material. There are so many resources available at UTVA, all designed to help students succeed. Not taking advantage of these resources would be a waste of such great material, and shameful to the schools goal of caring for every student’s success.

Utah Virtual Academy provides balance to the very crazy High School student’s life; it allows students to school at times of the day they feel most efficient, which maybe six in the morning, or six in the evening; the choice is completely up to the student. UTVA brings out the best in students and really shows if the person has a true desire to learn. This school provides just enough freedom to prove if the student is truly self motivated, and just enough teacher involvement to ensure student success. This school has definitely set me on the right track to being an effective and independent learner, something I will always be thankful for. The learning habits I have learned and continue to learn at Utah Virtual Academy apply to my life in almost every way, this school has impacted my life for the better, and I plan on staying with this great program for the rest of my High School years.”

(Je Norris, Utah Virtual Academy)


“UTVA changed my life.

Before UTVA, I was getting Bs and Cs.  I wasn’t challenged and school was never fun.  When I became a student at UTVA, I became motivated.  I realized my life-long dream and what it would take to achieve that dream, and how UTVA would help get to the point where I need to be.  I have received all A’s three out of the four semesters I have been with UTVA.  I work at a pace that’s right for me.  I love doing school and everything that it involves now.  Every day I get to finish school and go tell my family everything I learned.  With UTVA I can reach my full potential.  I can have a school that centers around me, the student, not me centering around a school.  Before UTVA, I wasn’t receiving all the help and resources I needed to succeed.  Now, when I need help, I contact my teachers, and they work with me until I understand the concept I was confused about.  There’s no “I’ll help you later.” or “Figure it out on your own.”  UTVA hasn’t only changed my life academically but it’s changed my life in almost every way possible.  I am more confident, mature, responsible, and I am much happier.

I don’t feel like I’m running myself into the ground anymore, I feel like I am running toward a wonderful new future, a future that started with UTVA.  I am proud to be a student of UTVA.  I know this school will go on to great things, and it will help more and more kids like me.  It has been an awesome year at UTVA, and I hope there will be many more to come.”

(Je Colangelo, Utah Virtual Academy)


“I have been enrolled in Utah Virtual Academy for going on two years now and I love it.

It has helped me learn more and I like having it in my own home.

I go to school in my bedroom on the computer that was supplied by Utah Virtual Academy.  When I go to class to learn, I connect into a virtual classroom with the ability to raise my hand, ask questions, get help if I need it, see my teacher, talk on the microphone and connect with other students, plus more, all because of the development of technology in today’s world.

The school I am going to offers a neat, individualized way of learning that is custom fit to meet the needs of every student.   They can do this because of the involvement of the person at home who is overseeing your process of learning and education – your learning coach, along with the teachers at the school.  Too, the support system provided for the student and learning coach at my school is big and encouraging, which makes it so there are not many problems that arise that are not solved quickly.  I am learning more now, and, doing better than I did in the past because the old way I went to school wasn’t working for me and my new school is.
Another great thing about Utah Virtual Academy is the Monday Morning assemblies, monthly outings and field trips that are offered.  I have been given the opportunity to see the ballet, go to the zoo, and, be involved in monthly outings with other students.  We go to Monday Morning Assembly in the virtual auditorium and the teachers make it fun for the students with games and other things, along with the information the student needs to know.  It’s fun because we get to see the teachers on web cam at the assemblies.

I want to use my voice in this letter to help other students that may be struggling.  I want their parents to know that we live in the age of technology and because of this, there are options that could help their kids learn better and do school in the comfortable setting of their home.  Learning should never be confined to a classroom and today, it is not.”

(Utah Virtual Academy)

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