meet charter school teachers

“Just thinking about things that I love in this school I have never seen before (and I am old!!!)

  1.  Voice – chance to have opinions heard
  2. Key to building (old job, building locked at 6:00 ever night and not opened until 7:00am   – teachers wished that they could get locked in for one night just to get caught up)
  3. Parent help – many do and it is really nice
  4. Own vacuum in room – we do snacks (meals for some) twice a day – nice to be able to quickly clean up a mess before it is stepped on….
  5. STS – 6th grade come and help and are really good help on Friday’s and 6th graders come and listen to kids read – they love them so much (and it looks like it is kind of fun for the 6th graders as well-they have a sweet relationship between the kids)
  7. Soda (I remember mentioning to you last year that once a month they would let us have a can without charging us – I was thrilled with that- but on tap????) totally spoiled
  8. Work as a team (my first year was very competitive between teachers, and I didn’t even catch on to that until April)  Nice to work together.
  9. Lesson plans on line – great to have the external discipline to have to get it in writing early.
  10. Time for Parent teacher conference – it was nice to have time to re-schedule those who forgot or something came up….
  11. Document Camera (know Land Trust helped)  but it was very much school supported – changed the way I do things, for the better…
  12. On line grading – comments on the report card take time – but to have the rest automatically generated is so nice (when I taught before my kids – it was hand done……in a book and took forever)
  13. Para Pro-  I am totally spoiled to have help in the classroom – kids are totally benefited by that.
  14. Salads – not made by me—for lunch.  A salad is so much better when you don’t cut it yourself.

I came in on Saturday because I forgot something and just used my key, came right in, did a little work and went home – and remembered how hard it was without a key to building and started thinking of things that are just extra nice about working here – thought  I would share….

PS  – microphones”

(Noah Webster Academy)


“I love working at a Charter school.  Here at Noah Webster we have smaller class sizes.  We have full time Para-Educators in the classroom to assist with small group and individualized instruction.  Our curriculum is a lot more challenging for the kids.  They really enjoy learning our curriculum, and it meets the different learning levels of the kids.  We also participate in the “Leader in Me” program.  This is a great program that teaches habits and life skills to the kids.  I see them implementing them every day in the classroom.”

Kim Bevan

(Noah Webster Academy)


“There is a different feeling coming into your school,” is a statement I have heard more than once as I give new potential parents tours of our school. They are correct. I felt the same feeling the first time I entered the school for a job interview, and I still feel the same way many years later.

I am lucky to have two roles at my school. One is as an employee; the other is as a parent. When I first began teaching here, I sent my children to our neighborhood school. I thought a difference in school and work environments would be best for our family. After I saw the amazing things the scholars were learning here, I wanted my own children to experience this as well. Moving my three children was the best move we have made. They enjoy coming to school each day. They are progressing academically as well as developing character skills which will last them a lifetime.

As an educator, I enjoy working in a charter school. I like the fact that all decisions for the school are made by those with vested interest in the school. I love the mission statement for our school, and the desire each teacher, para-educator, and administrator has to see that we “develop a lifelong love of learning, leadership, and service” with each child who comes through our door. The teachers at our school are devoted to see that every scholar progresses. I am continually amazed at how they strive to meet the varying needs of each child in their class.

I am pleased and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the charter community in Utah.”

Angie Rasmussen

(Noah Webster Academy)


“Gavin is an outstanding third grader!  He’s a busy student..working hard in every class, managing his Type II diabetes and SAVING the OCEANS in his spare time.  He inspires others to do the same through his website  Gavin loves the ocean and everything that lives in it. He didn’t know the ocean was in trouble until he read that there are more than 46,000 pieces of plastic waste in every square mile of the world’s ocean.  He also learned that fourteen billion pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean every year and forty percent of all sea life has been destroyed over the last 25 years. This made me Gavin sad and he wanted to find a way to help.

Gavin wants everyone to know there are ways we can help our ocean. He invites everyone to read his website and try some of the solutions you’ll find there. Then pass it on! Gavin has taught me, his teacher, a thing or two about small actions that I can take everyday to rescue the ocean.  He is a leader and great example of what a student can do with the right education and passion to make the world a better place.”

(Utah Virtual Academy)

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