DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts

2033 Grant Ave

Ogden Utah, 84404

Providing a rigorous, student-centered curriculum that develops superior critical thinking skills. Providing a safe and supportive environment where the diversity of ideas is encouraged, novel solutions are embraced, and student achievement is celebrated. Providing opportunities for cooperative relationships among students, teachers, and community members so that our graduates become highly successful citizens.

How do I enroll?

We are now accepting registration packets for the 2012-2013 school year. You may print the registration packet out on our website under the enrollment tab, or you can come into the school to pick one up. Once we receive the completed packet we will add your student to our list and call you to set up an interview with an administrator. If you would like a tour of the school you may call our office at 801-409-0720 and speak with Lorie or Sarena to set up an appointment. We also have an open house once per month where you can meet with our teachers as well as get a tour. If you have any further questions you may contact the Office Manager, Lorie Ross at 801-409-0720 or email her at Lorie.Ross@Davinciacademy.org


Jessie Kidd │ Jessie.kidd@davinciacademy.org

Board Chair:

Clan Udy │ Cudy@marketstar.com